Phyto-IT Software

PhytoSim v2.1

Dynamic Plant Modelling and Simulation
  • Windows and Mac version.
  • Compilation free modelling.
  • Model editor with syntax highlighting, real-time model analysis and unit checking.
  • Supports dynamic models with algebraic and/or differential equations.
  • Built-in plant model library (including simulation examples for all models).
  • Unit support throughout the entire modelling/simulation process.

  • Dynamic model simulation.
  • Automatic (moving window) model calibration.
  • Uncertainty analysis.
  • Sensitivity (local and global) and identifiability analysis.

  • Multi-core processor support (for some algorithms).
  • Only buy what you need: purchase modules separately.
  • Free 30-day trial for all paid modules.
  • One license for all your computers (one active instance at a time).

Custom software development

Sap Flow Tool v1.4

Analysis and Visualisation of Sap Flow Data
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Visually manipulate your data (e.g. remove bad data, smooth, calculate daily averages, ...)
  • 2D and 3D visualisation of sap velocities,
    sap flux densities and sap flow rates
  • Interactive radial sap flux density
    and sap velocity profile
  • Analyse and visualise data from multiple sensors and/or multiple files
  • Import and visualise non-ICT International sensor data
  • Windows and Mac version

Developed for

Products under development


Data analysis and visualization of plant data
  • Import data from various sources
  • Sensor/measurement specific data analysis
  • Data manipulation ("cleaning", outlier detection, filtering)
  • Data conversion and transformation
  • Advanced graphing and visualization