Services offered by Phyto-IT

Custom software development

Phyto-IT is specialized in developing (scientific) software for plant based systems. We provide custom software development for all your plant related projects.
We have experience with (but are not limited to)
  • cross-platform application development in C++
  • user friendly and intuitive graphical user interface design
  • multi-language applications
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • database programming
  • multi-threaded and multi-core processor programming
  • interfacing with instruments and other applications
  • integration in existing systems

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Plant modelling consultancy

Although the potential benefits of using a mathematical model are substantial, constructing and using the model itself can be a difficult task. Phyto-IT has extensive experience with building models for biological systems, and more specifically plant based systems. We provide consultancy for every stage of the model building process: from data gathering to the final use of the model in practice.
We offer support for
  • experimental design and data gathering
  • building new models or modifying existing ones
  • choosing the right model for your purpose
  • model calibration
  • performing a sensitivity or uncertainty analysis
  • using models in practice for e.g. process optimization

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