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Making Sense of Plant Measurements
PhytoSense is a plant monitoring system which combines plant sensors with cloud intelligence to give you insight into your plants.
Websites using PhytoSense technology
Dynamic Plant Modelling and Simulation
Main features
  • Compilation free modelling.
  • Model editor with syntax highlighting, real-time model analysis and unit checking.
  • Supports dynamic models with algebraic and/or differential equations.
  • Built-in plant model library (including simulation examples for all models).
  • Unit support throughout the entire modelling/simulation process.
  • Dynamic model simulation.
  • Automatic (moving window) model calibration.
  • Uncertainty analysis.
  • Sensitivity (local and global) and identifiability analysis.
Sap Flow Tool
Analysis and Visualisation of Sap Flow Data
Sap Flow Tool allows importing, visualising and analysing sap flow data from all major sap flow sensors: HRM, HFD, TDP and Dynagage.
Our partners
Team work makes the dream work.
The UGent Laboratory of Plant Ecology researches many aspects of the dynamic interactions between plants and their environment. They also play a crucial role in the development of Phyto-IT's plant monitoring electronics.
2Grow is an affiliated company providing sales, services and support for our PhytoSense product.
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